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Specifically for Burmese students

Open to all student

Scholarships specially for Burmese students

The Open Society Institute's Network Scholarship Program:

Requirements: must be between the ages of 18-40, must already have partial support, and must intend to return to Burma.

Provisions: Grants are provided to students in three different categories: tuition - not to exceed 50% of tuition per course; living expenses - students who have succeeded in funding their tuition, either through scholarships or their own financial means, are eligible for additional housing and living funds; other - students who have secured all other funds but cannot afford additional expenses such as books, materials, health insurance, transportation to and from the school.

Application deadline: for 2000/2001 academic year: March 16, 2001 for Asia and Australia, May 15, 2001 for North America and Europe.

Contact Information:

For more information and to download the application go to:

Prospect Burma

Requirements: provisions: application deadline: Contact Information:

Cetana Foundation

Requirements: must be living in Burma (NOTE: those living outside Burma will NOT be considered), must make a pledge to return to Burma for a minimum of 3 years after the scholarship (if the recipient breaks the pledge, he or she must pay back the full scholarship amount); primarily for graduate students to study in Thailand

provisions: tuition, room and board application deadline: ??, must be interviewed by the screening committee

Contact Information: Cetana Educational Foundation 90 Mount Lucas Road Princeton, NJ, 08540 phone: 609-924-0667 fax: 609-497-0230 e-mail: (no website)

Brackett Foundation

USIA Scholarships for Burmese whose education was interrupted because of their involvement in 1988 and are now outside the country every 2 years

Scholarships open to all foreign students


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