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"Fresa y Chocolate" is a Cuban movie I saw recently. It has English sub-titles. There were two main characters in that movie. One was a college student whose girl-friend dumped him to marry an older and established guy since she wanted good things in life and a "stable" family. The other character was a gay intellectual guy who enjoyed classical music and sculpting. The movie addresses cultural issues such as how the society deals with homosexuality (especially the gays), religion (Christianity), art (music and sculpture) and art exhibition in a communist society; how a free thinking person can survive (or not survive) in that kind of society.
Lately, movies with "chocolate" in their titles have appeared. One of them is "Better than Cholate" which is about lesbians. Only after seeing "Fresa y Chocolate" (Strawberry and Chocolate), did it dawn on me what the word signifies. In this movie, the college student told his friend that when he saw this gay guy, he could tell immediately that he was gay because from all kinds of flavors, he chose strawberry for his icecream. He said that a straight guy would have chosen chocolate.