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Prospect Burma

Prospect Burma was established in 1989 with funds from Aung San Suu Kyi's Nobel Peace Prize. If Burma's young people are to contribute to the development of their country, as well as the creation of a peaceful and democratic society freed from fear, they need to be given hope and support. Without this, Burma faces the new millenium having lost a generation.

By funding education for young Burmese, Prospect Burma seeks to help create a cadre of Burmese who will be competent to run the country once democracy returns. Their aim is to educate those who will bring their knowledge and skills back to Burma for its future development.

Prospect Burma currently gives scholarships to 80 Burmese studying in Australia, Britain, Germany, Singapore, Thailand and the USA. In addition, they have financed courses for Burmese journalists and established a scholarship link with the Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok. They also help fund an English language school for Burmese refugees in Delhi and vocational training schools for refugees on the Thai/Burma border.

While Prospect Burma continues to receive modest funds from Aung San Suu Kyi's prize money, it also raises money from private donors. The number of qualified students applying for scholarships far outstrips the number of scholarships Prospect Burma can currently offer.

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